Chicken stock

What youl need:

– 1 carrot and 1 ognion,leek-the green part. (garniture aromatique)

(you can use also the celery,garlic,parsley,..)

-Herbes: bay leaf,thyme,rosmary (Bouquet garni)

-spices: black pepper,salt,cloves,juniper berries

(you can also add star anise,nutmeg or even the mix of spices that you like)

-Chicken bones


The stock is the most important component in a professional cuisine. The stock can be used for sauces,poaching meat or you can eat it as a soup with some noodles. Every stock can be diffrent. It is up to you to decide what products,herbes,spices to use. Remember you are the chef of your kitchen!

Here is how i do it:

What i like to do is to color the vegetables by cooking them on high heat in the pot with some oil, beacause it does give the flavor to the ending product. After that i add the chicken bones,herbes,spices and a pinch of salt and pepper. Add the water and let it simmer away for 2hours. I let my stock simmer for 3-4hours.

After that i pass my stock in a strainer.

You can reduce your stock to get a more intense flavor. After that you can put it in the jars and stock it in the refrigirator for 1 week or you can freeze it for 1 month.

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